Family-Guided Home Funerals & Green Burials


Rev. Rebekah S. Benner

Grief Recovery Specialist

Pastoral Care Chaplain

Home-Based Funeral Consultant

Death Midwife


Home-directed, family funerals; reclaiming the old traditions with dignity and peace.

Home-Based Family Funeral Consultant

On this site you  will find information about how I can help you reclaim family-directed end-of-life choices. I am certified as a Death Midwife, specializing in Green Burials. I am fortunate to have the support  in consultation with my sister, Ruth Devereaux, Nurse Practitioner and also a Death Midwife.

Ohio's first Green Cemetery, The Wilderness Center, Foxfield Preserves, has just opened; information is in the drop down tabs at the top of the page. Jennifer Quinn, the steward of the land, is a compassionately loving person and our hopes are to educate Ohio about the possibilites available to them for their end-of-life concerns.

I will be available for in-home consultation in guiding the family through natural preparation of the deceased, blessing rites, if wanted,  for a gathering of honor, vigil, memorial service and on through cremation or burial.

Please call, or write, as this site is still under construction.

I thought the earth remembered me, she
took me back so tenderly...

"Asleep in the Forest" ~Mary Oliver~